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The Aquaculture Initiative has produced a number of publications, which provide more information on our activities, resource development guides, surveys and technical information leaflets. A number of these publications are available from our offices. For specific information requests or for hard copies of publications please contact us directly.

A Comparison between species cultured North & South.

An Initial Assessment of the potential for Aquaculture Development in Dundalk Bay.

Aquaculture in Northern Ireland Future Development 2000-2006.

Aquaculture Licensing Procedures in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Co-ordinated Local Aquaculture Management Systems (CLAMS) Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Trout Industry Producer Survey 2000. Results and Recommendations for Development.

NI Aquaculture Legislation Register.

CLAMS – Northern Ireland Explanatory Leaflet.

ECOPACT – Northern Ireland Explanatory Leaflet.

Lough Swilly – Aquaculture Activity.

Carlingford CLAMS Document.

A review of Pollan broodstock and Hatchery techniques.

Oyster Quality Logbook.

Irish Trout Producers Group – Survey Report.

Trout Quality Manual.

Larne CLAMS Document.

North West Newsletters – Prepared every two months.

Donegal and Sligo – Aquaculture Wall Planner.

Northern Ireland – Aquaculture Newsletter.

The North West Aquaculture Strategy.

Mulroy CLAMS Document.